Dancing in Nature

Probably as kids we all „danced“ naturally with nature: jumping over rocks, climbing trees, rolling through the grass, playing with pebbles, jumping into piles of leaves. Still unfettered by any kind of judgment we freely surrendered our whole body to discovering and experiencing an instant – though it may seem bold to call this „dancing“.

Trees, boulders, grass, and wind often inspire us to different movements than the ones we pursue on the even parquet floor of a studio. Exposure to the elements and natural beings is a sensual experience, touching, invigorating, sometimes also challenging and commanding our respect. Listening closely happens without effort and best-case we even begin to directly communicate with nature’s forces.

Dancing in and with nature is probably best describe as a combination of play, dance, exploration, and experiencing; often it comes very close to „Authentic Movement“. The outside setting sometimes doesn’t allow for sophisticated techniques like CI acrobatics or contemporary spiraling; surface structure, changes in ground level etc. want to be considered carefully. Still many elements from the moving arts – be it dancing, martial arts, or gymnastics – can easily be incorporated into the improvisation even in nature. Especially captivating are group improvisations with performance character and/or so-called „scores“ (a set of boundary rules for the duration of the dance), for which nature offers the perfect „stage“. What kind of dance energy do we encounter in a small clearing? How about the rocks above the sea shore, or the ancient volcanic crater?

The danced conversation with the natural entities around us bears great potential to learn something about ourselves. We are invited to listen to the movement or to move from a state of listening, since all of nature’s beings essentially carry information. Thus „Dancing in Nature“ also serves as a means to re-discover knowledge about nature’s wisdom which in our culture got lost in the past.

(For now) „Dancing in Nature“ is offered in the Swabian Alb (Germany) and on the Canary islands of Tenerife and El Hierro. Additional future locations likely!

Possible offers on request

Dancing in Nature on the Canary Islands – Tenerife, El Hierro

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