upcoming dates in autumn 2020 on Tenerife will be published by the end of April

Wind, clouds, trees, grass, stones, rocks, the ocean … all oft hem have a lot to tell us and they are willing to share their wisdom with us. What is needed, is a deep listening. An open mind and internal space.

By practising a direct, conscious attention towards and in nature in this retreat we will deepen our awareness, spontanety and intuition. Basically it´s about healing our connection to nature, because in our experience that connection in most of us humans of the northern hemisphere exists merely superficially.

We will spend every day some hours in the wild nature of this volcanic island – each day at a different well chosen location. In guided improvisations and exercises we will explore and experience these locations intensively with our body-mind-souls.

It´s important for us to create a concentrated and at the same time playful-light atmosphere, which allows healing spaces for personal processes to open quickly and easily. Our inner children are invited to show up in all their colours, shining in happiness. Finally again they are allowed to feel without any judgement, they are allowed to dance and sing on this wonderful earth.

We practise a culture of hugging and relating, of honest listening and direct sharing, of forgiving and naming in courage. This we practise in clearly structured sharing circles as well as in free improvisations. Because in our experience remaining awareness requires spaces for creativity and playing as much as a continuous focus, inner work and meditation.To us practised spirituality means taking responsibility, practising self-love leading into compassion, following the path of joy and lightness.

Besides daily excursions into nature parts of the retreat are also a guided Mantra-Singing-Night, a guided Dance-event, a Dolphin-trip with a small fisher-boat and an Overnight-stand at the sea side under the open sky.


Location: In the south-west of Tenerife at different sites in nature, „Indoor“ Mantra-Singing and Dancing in Hacienda Cristóforo, Playa Paraíso

Costs: 7 days retreat: 360 – 410 € according to your economic situation. Included in the price are the two evening-events, the dolphin-trip and the overnight-stand at the seaside.

Not included are: Flight to Tenerife, renting a car*, airport shuttle (if wanted), costs for housing and food

Accomodation and Catering: Choosing accomodation and the organisation of breakfast/ dinner we leave to the participants themselves. But if wanted we help finding housing by suggesting locations we know of very different levels of price and comfort (see list below!). Some of these locations offer catering , others not.

* Moreover we want to support that participants connect in order to share rental cars and accomodation or book in the same accomodation to have less costs and produce less emissions. From the moment we receive your registration form we coordinate the communication with the other participants.

If you want we do the booking for you:

Rental car: 10 €

Accomodation chosen by you: 10 €

Number of participants: the retreat will take place with min. 4 and max. 12 participants.

Treatments/ Individual sessions: If wanted we offer our therapy sessions parallel to the retreat.