Group Processes

When several persons at the same time and in the same place focus their attention on the same thing their presences and alignment add up, becoming a force of its own. This opens up an opportunity for the individual to examine a topic more deeply, supported by this „energy field“. This is great because a lot of things are more fun when in contact with others, and the diversity of all present enriches the experience greatly.

Workshops or other group processes bring together people who share an interest in or deal with the same issue and who want to explore it further.

Individual reasons to join are for instance:

  • enjoying intense contact with other people
  • the wish to expand one’s creative expression
  • the wish to recognize one’s own behavioral patterns and experiment with alternatives
  • the wish to broaden one’s own horizon by making use of other people’s experiences and perceptions.

Depending on the group and the topic the exploration of a chosen „theme“ can turn out very playful or highly focused and concentrated. This applies to movement / dance exploration as well as to mental discourse with and without words.

Essential to all groups and workshops:

  • first and foremost to be in sensitive accepting contact with yourself (self-love)
  • to be in contact with the here and now
  • the freedom to express yourself directly while rooted in a state of self-connectedness
  • sharing a living, mindful-attentive contact with others that nourishes and enriches the experience

Most of the time the dance-tribe-healing workshops and groups center around a specific topic (e.g. dealing with aggression, relationships of couples, …) or focus on a certain form or method (e.g. Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, …). We are ALWAYS using

  • elements of dance and contact improvisation
  • exercises and elements from dance therapy
  • bodywork
  • sharing formats, e.g. circles

The relative share of these elements in the overall experience depends on the workshop’s direction and on the group.

All group formats and workshops revolve primarily around an experience of body, movement, and encounter. Inner dialogue of the mind and the exchange of words serve merely to integrate and complete the experience.

Current offers

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Possible offers on request:

TOUCH YOUR BEING:  Contact Improvisation as a space for self-experience


OPEN-HEARTED WARRIORS: Managing aggression playfully and constructively – together with Mathias Kirchgässner, MD

LOVE LIFE LAUGHTER:  Vocal – dance – theater improvisation at its best

ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND: a group for couples who want to get to know each other anew

EMPTY MIND OPEN HEART: Tapping into the rich source of un-censored creativity – improvisations of body, movement, and voice

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