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Me, the oprerator of this web site, believes in the empathic hugging power of love as much as in the power of conscious watching and recognizing.

Dancing, singing, moving and expressing freely, free breathing, interpersonal physical contact, hugging, meeting each others in groups freely, sharing and learning from and with each other as well as moving and travelling freely on this planet Earth are essential human needs which make crucially for the mental, emotional and physical well of every human being. According to my understanding that´s why these needs had been fixed as basic human rights.

Human kinds dignity is untouchable.

Every event of is and stays open for everybody without any discrimination. As the “Captain” of, I will not take part in any kind of ostracism against persons who are exercising their basic right to decide themselves over their body and health and thier basic right of physical integrity (2G, 2G+ etc.).

The polarisations,misrepresentations, defamations of social groups or individuals, which had been massively fueled by the governments, the mainstream media and unfortunately also by great parts of science, and which have led into a split in the society, I feel as extremely shameful, shattering and more than alarming.

The events of always aim to wake upo and call alive for what us as human beings connects with each others in our depth and strengthens this connection. In the presence of a clear pure spirit they want to name things clearly and honestly. In the presence of love they want to serve an open wide heart.

Last update: 13th of January 2022

Welcome to Dance Tribe Healing
PURNITAM: School for Body Wisdom, Intuition and the Intelligence of the Heart

The offers of Dance Tribe Healing include Free Dancing, Dance and Contact Improvisation, individual and group processes with dance-therapeutic elements, Moving Sticks, Sensitive Warriors, and Dancing in Nature.



Video: A night of Dance Improvisation (in Spain)

Video: DanceImprovisation outdoor with architecture (in Spain)

Video: Retreats with the wild nature of Tenerife (German with English subtitles)

Dance Tribe Healing wants to support people

  • to dance and through dancing express what moves them
  • to stir that which is stuck and could not or should not be expressed before
  • to be in touch with what they feel and perceive, allowing whatever this is to show itself and speak out. In these processes the focus is directed to the here and now – however when necessary a look into the past helps to understand and sort out the present
  • in living a nourishing and supporting contact with other people. A contact that has many different varieties, that can also set boundaries, be disharmonious, or perceive things differently without loosing respect for each other. To offer your own truth to others while staying true to yourself – through words, in movement, or by touch – is to trust that they can take you as you are in an honest way
  • in respecting that we all are on our way to becoming whole – each with our pains, quirks, and patterns
  • to be wild, bold, and to have edges. To welcome and savor touch, tenderness, and sensuality without having to fear ensnarement
  • in practicing discipline and focus; lending strength to the things they really want
  • in bearing and sharing silence and not-knowing with others
  • to be touched by the forces and the essence of nature. Coming into contact with the elements and remembering what is really important.


Wild Breeze Juni 2012 076

Chetan Florian Erbe

Chetan Florian Erbe

born 1967, dancer, systemic dance therapist (BTD) – completed training with ETZETERA / Susanne Bender; drama educator (BuT); state-approved kindergarten teacher; play fight instructor with Kraftprotz / Josef Riederle; education in Tibetan Pulsing Healing with Shantam Dheeraj in Pune / India;

obtained education / trainings in Contact Improvisation, New Dance, Martial Arts with sticks, Butoh, Action Theater; pupil of Osho since 1994

teaches Contact and dance improvisation since 1999, Moving Sticks since 2004, Sensitive Warriors (Contact Improvisation with martial arts elements) since 2005; dance therapeutic work since 2008; practices martial arts (on and off) since 1998 (Wing Tsun, Escrima/ Kali, Capoeira, kick boxing, mixed martial arts)


If the whole world starts laughing and enjoying and playing, there will be a great revolution. (..)

Just watch what harm seriousness has been doing to human beings and you will jump out of your seriousness, and you will allow your child, which is waiting within you, to play and to sing and to dance.

My whole religion consists of playfulness.

This existence is our home: these trees and stars are our brothers and sisters; these oceans and rivers and mountains are our friends. In this immensely friendly universe you are sitting like a stone buddha — I don’t preach the stone buddha; I want you to be a dancing buddha.

Osho, in “the rebellious spirit”

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