Contact & Dance Improvisation

Video: Duo Contact Improvisation Chetan and Babs (in spanish)

Contact and Dance Improvisation invite you to play with your body and movement in space in a curious and inquisitive manner. To explore from moment to moment the variety of your expression – supported by your breath and the rhythm of your very own impulses to move.

Especially in Contact Improvisation the body-movement-dialogue of (most often) two dancers moving in physical contact creates a distinct form of dance. In this we learn and play with giving and receiving weight, rolling and falling, leading and following, momentum, impulse, and reaction, permeability, lifts…


Contact Improvisation is a dance that is born in the moment, by listening to the bodies and movements and following the impulse of the moment. Being open for surprises creates a special pleasure in the dance. A lot of it can be learned by just dancing and experimenting with it.

Still there are certain basic techniques worth learning and practicing. Also warm-ups for stretching and loosening the body as well as guides sequences make your start into (free) improvisation easier, for instance by focusing attention on certain qualities of movement or specific body connections. They expand your repertoire for movement, give form and direction to the dance and open up mutual perception among the dancers. In this way a kind of common language of movement is shared as basis for exploring the details, which is often more fun than starting off in a completely arbitrary fashion.

Video: What is Dance Improvisation? (in spanish)

Dance Improvisation gives plenty of freedom, follows its own rules, is loads of fun and stimulates alertness in all your senses!

In both guided and free improvisation we experiment with space, time, dynamic, imagination, and quality of movement. New forms of movement and perception can be discovered and experienced directly. Your possibilities to meet yourself and your fellow dancers in a dancing, moved, and physical way become wider and more versatile.

When you are open to it you can learn a lot from this dance form about being human, which may also influence other parts of your life. Without putting any effort in it.

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Wild Hearts Dancing:    Dancing the trace of Joy and Contact

Dynamic Duos and Trios

Moving from the Heart – Moving from the Hara

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