Like a cat

totally relaxed

alert in my hara

any moment ready to fight

my heart wide open and free

listening to every cell of my body

I follow my intuition

following my own truth

I serve nobody else but god

With a mixture of Meditation, Martial Arts, Dance- and Movement Improvisation, Yoga, Bodywork, Body Perception and Sharing we will practise and support each others in being like the cat. We will be a lot in nature, but also will have a meditation space and a martial arts studio to our disposal.

LOCATION: Our base camp will be in the west of Tenerife, above the town of Guia de Isora in the little village Aripe on about 800 m height. From here we will spread out in all directions into the wild volcanic nature of Tenerife. The martial arts studio is placed in Playa San Juan on the western coast.

ACCOMODATION: At our place in Aripe there is the possibility to sleep in the house (15-40 €/ night depending on booking) or in a tent (10 €/ night). It´s also possible to book an accomodation on its own in the nearby area. There are accomodations available in all classes of price and luxury.

FOOD: Will be organised by the participants on their own. Who likes it can cook himself and will have low costs for catering by this. However going out to eat on Tenerife is considerably cheaper than for example in Germany (30 – 50 % cheaper).

TRAINING: daily 3 – 5 hours. We want there to have enough time and space for private trips, beach etc. left. Daily morning practice of about 1 h. The rest of the training times are flexible and will be discussed on-site.

TRAINERS: Main instructor is Chetan Erbe. Further instructors are Tania Pérez Fernandez, Butterfly Tigersan and Aday Isidro García, who will teach different classes.

MOBILITY: The participants can build small groups of 3 – 5 persons in advance and reserve/ rent a car together. By this the costs for a rented car will stay clearly below 10 € per person and day. If someone wants to be completely independent and have his/ her own rented car, this also is possible.

ECOLOGY: Getting to Tenerife (for a short period of time of 1 – 3 weeks) without flying is quasi impossible. The journey with a ferry for example from Germany will need minimum 5 days bidirectional.

However included in the price is already a CO2-compensation of the flight by On location on Tenerife we follow ecological principles as much as we can: We build carpools. We buy predominantely ecological food. We use the tap water for watering the trees. We use generally cloth bags for shopping. Our fruit and vegetable garden is 100 % ecological. We support eco-fincas and ecological projects on the island and we are in a constant exchange with the owners. …

COSTS: 1 week training 200 – 450 € (according to your appreciation and your economic possibilities. Included is the complete training, the organisation of all excursions and the CO2-compensation of the flight.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Flight ticket, accomodation costs, share of rented car, food