On the Healing Heart Festival 2020 Barbara and me will be again in the leadership team. We will give both different workshops and we will be available for individual sessions during the festival. All detailed information about the festival on: healingheartfestival.de

Once a month on a Saturday or Sunday night 19.00 – 21.00 ; in Sala Magna of Hacienda Cristóforo, Calle El Horno 10, Playa Paraíso, South of Tenerife island next dates:  15th of March 2020 / 26th of April / 17th of May / 28th of June A „Wave“ consists of 5 movement qualities which every human being has naturally in his body. Dancing these 5 qualities in a certain

Open Contact-Jam for everybody interested and liking Movement and Improvisation ; no experience in CI necessary starts with a  Workshop of  60 – 90 min, guided by Chetan or other teacher once every month, usually on a sunday morning 11.30 – 14.30 next date:  22nd of March 2020 in the studio  SIGLO XXI, Calle Velazquez 5, Piso 1, Santa Cruz de Tenerife on voluntary donation! Registration via me!

A space for Free Dance, Creative Dance, Contact Improvisation, Encounter through Movement Dancewise in contact with your body and soul Dates 2020 :  20th of March / 17th of April / 15th of May / 26th of June / 17th of July jeweils Ankommen ab 19.00, Beginn 19.30; Anleitung bis ca. 20.30; Tanzen bis ca. 22.30 ab 2015 in der  Turnhalle der Waldorfschule Mannheim-Neckarau, Neckarauer Waldweg 131 Eintritt: 10 €/

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